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Latest Reviews and Endorsements

Here’s some of the latest endorsements on mythe @bsc_enterprises Instagram account.

Pistoffaclese, a.k.a Rob Pugh, Indianapolis, IN
Forged in Fire Champion Davy Wilson, of Wilson & Company Barber Shop, Hollister, MO
Chris J Miller, Tarkio, MO
2020 @beardteamusa National Handlebar Champion and
2021 @sfbeards West Coast Classic Natural & Styled Mustache Champion
Bob & Elliot Norris (his mustache), Ruckersville, VA

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Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax on “Forged in Fire”

Davy Wilson, of Wilson & Company Barber Shop was recently on the History Channel program “Forged in Fire” as one of the contenders. Here’s the last segment of the show for those of you who may have missed it. Yes, Davy was using Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax during the filming of the show.

True to his words at the end, Davy did reach out to me to place an order for 18 tins of Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax, which I delivered the following Tuesday. Gotta love the product endorsement in his Instagram post!


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Late news, but this happened in November

Back in October, I participated in an interview for the Homecoming Car Show at Evangel University, here in Springfield. It was an honor to be part of the interview, however, at the end, Kallie Koester asked if I would be willing to do an interview about Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax. Initially I declined, however, my wife explained the error of that decision and told me I was crazy to pass it up.

I sent a message to Kallie and asked if she was still interested, and we set up a time to film it to be aired during Movember on the Ozark Fox AM tv show. We had fun, I made new friends, and appreciate the bump in mustache wax orders.

Yeah, I’m still making and selling mustache wax, stickers, and T-shirts, however, I am down to a few XL and 2X t-shirts in my inventory. I guess I need to consider another order.


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New Developments!

This last week, I took some 1oz tins of “Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax” over to Just for Him, here in Springfield. I visited with their Amanda, who does their purchasing, and presented her with the 6 fragrance varieties that I make so that she can give them a sniff, and so she could have the guys in the shop try it out so she could get some active “user feedback”. I asked her to consider the wax as a potential offering in their product line of grooming products.

It was fun to watch as she smelled each of the fragrances and hearing her reactions to each one. Amanda advised me that she liked each one, that the fragrances weren’t overpowering but “just right”, and then she asked the question, “How is the hold?”. I just smiled and pointed to my lip whiskers, which were in a tight curled handlebar, and she laughed and said, “Handlebar strength is good!”

The conversation ended with her letting me know that she would be out of the shop for the next week, but I should expect an order to stock their shelves within the next week. With that, I came back to the house and began ramping up production! I was pretty excited, last night, when I received the order in my e-mail.

I’m please to announce that Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax will be available to test and buy at the Just for Him store within the next couple of weeks.


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New Fragrances added!

While I have been waiting on new tins to arrive, I have not been doing much promoting the Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax products. It’s kind of difficult to make more wax when I have nothing to put it in.

In the meantime, I got digging through some other fragrances that I wanted to try out. There is now two new fragrances available.

  • “Cherry Tobacco” fragrance, described as: A warm, pleasant and sweet cherry tobacco type. Sure to evoke memories of Grandpa and his pipe!
  • “Fireplace Embers” fragrance, described as: A strong woody tobacco blend with fir needle and eucalyptus over a mossy base note.

Just like each of you who pre-ordered t-shirts, I am waiting in great expectation for the shipping notice so I can get them in and shipped out. Thanks for your continued patience.


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Less than 24 hours…

New batch of wax

So it’s been less than 24 hours, and I am glad to see that folks are visiting the site. The labels and stickers are scheduled to arrive on Thursday, September 5th, but in the meantime, I need to get busy making wax!

My production is small, making about 5 ounces at a time, so I was a little surprised when 5 ounces of wax only filled 4 1oz tins. Looks like that’s a bonus for the folks who buy a 1oz tin of Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax!

Thanks to Revernd Paul Miley for being the very first customer of Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax! I’m still trying to decide if he bought mustache wax because he needed it or just because he likes the Tiki logo. LOL

BTW…HUGE shout out to my buddy Quentin Brown, for making a killer logo for Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax. To be honest, all I was trying to do was make curved letters for a round label, and pretty much intended to be more like “generic” packaging. When he sent me the logo, I was absolutely floored.


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From my personal Facebook Page…

So my home project of making my own mustache wax has officially moved onto the next stage.

Labels have been ordered for 1/2 and 1 ounce tins. I also bought some 2″ vinyl stickers for those who collect cool stickers, too! If there is enough interest, there could be some t-shirts printed in the future.

I was trying to come up with a good product name, but the more I thought, the more ridiculous things got. Finally, I just called it what it was, “Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax”.

Currently I have the following manly fragrances:

Redwood Embers
Tobacco & Rum
Candy Cane (because kids would rather smell Candy Canes on Santa than Tobacco & Rum)

I can also whip up some non scented wax, for those who prefer to smell the remnants of what they last ate (or their beard balm that has a fragrance in it)

Yeah…I know that there are many different mustache waxes out on the market, and I have seen the ridiculous pricing that is being asked for them. I saw one at the grocery store tonight that was a 1 ounce tin for $8.99. Heck, a tube of Clubman wax is a half ounce and it sells for $6.

My goal is to offer a good wax for a lower price point, but it won’t be sold in stores or on Amazon, because that just drives up my costs. I’ll more than likely set up a way to order it directly online from me. (ed. – OOPS. Looks like that happened sooner than later)