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From my personal Facebook Page…

So my home project of making my own mustache wax has officially moved onto the next stage.

Labels have been ordered for 1/2 and 1 ounce tins. I also bought some 2″ vinyl stickers for those who collect cool stickers, too! If there is enough interest, there could be some t-shirts printed in the future.

I was trying to come up with a good product name, but the more I thought, the more ridiculous things got. Finally, I just called it what it was, “Bret Chrismer’s Mustache Wax”.

Currently I have the following manly fragrances:

Redwood Embers
Tobacco & Rum
Candy Cane (because kids would rather smell Candy Canes on Santa than Tobacco & Rum)

I can also whip up some non scented wax, for those who prefer to smell the remnants of what they last ate (or their beard balm that has a fragrance in it)

Yeah…I know that there are many different mustache waxes out on the market, and I have seen the ridiculous pricing that is being asked for them. I saw one at the grocery store tonight that was a 1 ounce tin for $8.99. Heck, a tube of Clubman wax is a half ounce and it sells for $6.

My goal is to offer a good wax for a lower price point, but it won’t be sold in stores or on Amazon, because that just drives up my costs. I’ll more than likely set up a way to order it directly online from me. (ed. – OOPS. Looks like that happened sooner than later)