Bret Chrismer and Blue Angel Santa Claus Blend




One of the greatest things about making Bret Chrismer’s Mustache wax is the guys that I meet along the journey.  Towards the end of November 2021, I met Blue Angel Santa.

Within our first discussion, the Bret Chrismer and Blue Angel Santa Claus Blend waxes were proposed.  I sent him the “Christmas Seasonal” waxes I had set up, proposing that we rebrand them, and asked him to choose 4 fragrances to add to the lineup.

While one would think these would be a seasonal offering, Santa has to keep his beard and ‘stache groomed the entire year, so they are available year ’round.

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Blues Christmas, Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Grandpa's Spiked Egg Nog, Jack Frost, JATO Dawg, Santa's Sugar Cookies, Sleigh Ride